Our Marine websites focus on Cruising and Sailing Vessels, including forums and the largest cruising Wiki project on the web today. Another marine monitoring application is EpirbPlotter. Thanks in advance guys. Download ShipPlotter ShipPlotter can be downloaded freely and comes as a standard self installing setup file. DSCdecoder will decode these messages and display and log their content. You can download EpirbPlotter from www. Post the Worst “For Sale” Picture

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Another way, after installing the old driver, is by disabling the automatic update of the device Configuration Paneland you should be able to start the machine and plug your device after.

NOAH charts mirrorbos names. If you carry ShipPlotter on board any vessel you must understand that, while ShipPlotter may provide you with some potentially useful information about some of the ships in your vicinity, COAA does not make any warranties whatsoever that ShipPlotter is mirdorbow or appropriate for any application, including but not limited to, applications where the safety of life is at stake.

Would anyone have a copy of the win8 drivers for this dongle they can upload for me? The “radar” display is especially useful.

Lakeland Developer: Java/Swing Mirrorbow Remote Control Program

Power drain on the battery bank was minimal since the only extra load was running the Yaesu FT 2m Ham radio. See below for a selection of receivers that will work with ShipPlotter without modification. Other interesting monitoring software for the Maritime Mobile Service If you are interested in ShipPlotteryou may also be interested in its sister application DSCdecoder.


Registration of ShipPlotter ShipPlotter can be freely downloaded and used for 21 days.

There are considerable variations in the legislation concerning radio reception in the different administrations around the world. As far as performance, ShipPlotter was plotting shipping as far out as 25 nm. Privacy Guaranteed – your email is never shared with anyone, opt mirrorvow any time. Save the chart folder s in the chart files directory for ShipPlotter.

Originally Posted linx rgleason Serge do you have these? Beneteau Catalina Hunter Jeanneau Searunner. You miirrorbow download EpirbPlotter from www. It is your responsibility to determine whether or not your local administration permits the reception of AIS messages from ships. To get the best out of ShipPlotter you need charts on which to plot the traffic that you receive.

Posted by Mark Wickens at Each folder contains a. I had a phone call from the sister of Andy Thorne last night.

A collection of notes about things that interest me, projects I’m working on and about being a developer. It requires a separate 12 v power supply. Not all vessels carry AIS equipment; not all vessels that carry it can be relied upon to have it operational; the radio receiver to which ShipPlotter is connected may not be delivering all messages in a decodable form; ShipPlotter may not decode messages correctly; ShipPlotter code is reliability tested to an extent that is adequate for entertainment and educational use but is neither warranted nor tested for any operational use.


Hawaii to remote Pacific.

[ubuntu] 4 second delay due to Silly Window Syndrome handling

Now I have built a seismometer and have detected earthquakes around the world. Aisspotter PIA usb set have also dual channel receiver with integrated gps,I bought a month ago and works great. If you need coastline charts rather than satellite images, Hal Mueller has mirrorboww provided a means to generate charts at his splendid Mobile Geographics website, where you can easily create a personalised chart of your local area.

In fact, a tug was returning from berthing a mirrorbos and as I approached Oakland outer harbor from the opposite side of the container pier, I noticed the tug being plotted on ShipPlotter on the other side. Much farther than the radar. I couldn’t see the tug since it was on the other side of the pier but knew it was there and took action to avoid the tug as we both “popped” out at the end of the pier.

Fortunately there kirrorbow a third-party library available called rxtxand I was able to use that.

The Mirrorbow USB25IO

Originally Posted by rgleason. New Hydraulic installation issue. Its capabilities are configurable and are:.

The self installing package includes a VB runtime so it is somewhat over 4 Mb.

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