My point is that concrete in Florida in a track home is not the same as an office tower in Vancouver, Canada. As such, we can only guarantee that it will fit our No. Concrete tackstrip installation Floored by Newman , Jan 5, , in forum: Good tool when it needs Review by Alex Price. Every slab is different and the fat nails do work in some but not many. Seems like always being on floor works better, kick tackstrip to check?

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A hammer drill with a carbide bit and aluminum nails works but is time consuming and noisy. As was already stated up thread, concrete floors are all very different. We recommend calling us at to order if you require delivery be a certain date.

why don’t companys finish putting carpet back in place? | Mikey’s Board

Ive been wanting to speed things up so that they will teach me faster and allow me to actually work, the past 6 months ive had to have the mentality gunddlach starting thigs without asking because its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

Delivery to Alaska, Hawaii and U. Soon as you find an easy path someone will cut you off and take over the road. A wonderful and handy tool for driving nails for smoothedge installations into concrete.


In most cases, orders placed before For strip nails I used a heavy hammer 32 oz it will usually set nails with one blow. I have noticed that sometimes there are batches of the pre-nailed strip were the nails are poorly placed.

Gundlach Replacement Tip for 870 Stand-up Nail Driver

You are attentive about the tackstrip, it shouldn’t penetrate the bottom of strip, I prefer to have it penetrate the wood into the concrete with the hammer. I have tried everything and concete come back to the stand up driver for cost and consistency of installation.

If you do decide to nail, have a variety of concrete nails.

This is good tool during a work on the concrete surface. As such, we can only guarantee that it will fit our No. I don’t know if the locals ever do get used to it. Still the first couple times I ran in to concrete I couldn’t believe how hard it was compared to I what I was used to. Darren RameyMar sstand-up, Also you get a feel for the hammer just the way you hold it and feel how it hits the head of nail.

Faster then using a gunpowder ram set. Simply choose Next Day or 2 Day shipping during checkout. Can be tricky to master but once done skys the limit.


Gundlach Stand-up Carpet Cutter |

LightningSep 29, When concree develop after it has been originally installed properly, one would likely have to open up the seams and start over. Delivery estimates provided for online orders are not guaranteed. Delivery to Alaska, Hawaii and U. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

Taylor 870 Concrete Nail Driver

Double tackstriping is another key to success. This is what I use.

Gluing down tackstrip over concrete HossMay 7,in forum: Mikey P Yesterday at Buying a house and gundlxch to decide what direction to take HeadlessJun 23,in forum: This could take three days to fix Latest: Just thinking back on this makes me glad I am now more focused on commercial vinyl on not stretch in.: Someone here uses it a bit, either Kyle or Newman though he hasn’t been around here in awhile.

There is likely going to have to be some patch work too, with all those gudlach angles at doorways and closets. Rodney HendersonOct 8,

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