In so much Fuduntu has resisted the temptation to modifying their desktop on a whim of a developer who thought it was an good idea at the time and taken the traditional user in to account. Based on Fedora 14, Fuduntu Targets SSDs I can understand deadline then. I found it fired up and worked after a years rest much to myself and my partner surprise. Sort of a freebie donation to get him back online without buying new stuff. StickerYou is your one-stop shop to make your business stick! Like all previous Fuduntu releases, this release follows our tradition of making small incremental distribution improvements that don’t sacrifice the stability of our Linux distribution.

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What is Fuduntu Linux? Webopedia Definition

As with all Fuduntu releases, this release continues our tradition of small incremental improvements. I tested Fedora 15 as a base for a new version of Fuduntu, but didn’t think it was ready yet.

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I can’t seem to change any settings. I wonder how it does on a USB stick: It’s in the repo though!

Wanted to add this to a site more specifically geared towards Linux, but thanks! Thunderbird’s arguably better than Evolution. I’m currently running LXDE mint 12, but getting annoyed with the power management in it, or lack there of and the fduuntu that my function keys don’t work in it.


Unfortunately, AWN is no longer being maintained upstream and there are several bugs that have been left open. Wireless is working fine now. We are going to stick with our current base, and continue to improve what we have rather than jumping head first into a new distribution so quickly.

Please note my ninja edit in which I ponder the usefulness tai this torrent Regards Neil PS – If the link s don’t work it is possible I made a hash of it as this is the 3rd or 4th torrent I ever uploaded and the first ones in a few years I was not aware As always, Fuduntu Looks nice and has reasonable fan control an issue with this particular laptop.

Atl the name had Norse mythology roots, but to the average person it was more like “What the heck is a Yggdrasil”.

Distribution Release: Fuduntu ( News)

In fact, full brightness is in there at least twice. To be honest, I don’t know myself. Ok, Triple post I know With that much focus on the community, I see good things on the horizon for your distro!

This has always made updating of the Catalyst driver, even on Linux computers, a difficult process which sometimes can result in a fudunt which vuduntu does not work and needs to fyduntu reset to a previous state. The chronicle is written for myself first and in an effort to stave off my depression second. Updates should be smoother on F14 than before, I assume? Building on the rock solid Fedora base, Fuduntu brings with it a wonderful GUI, and many improvements to make your portable workstation fast, and efficient while enjoying battery life that I consider to be best in class.


I really dislike apt sometimes Any luck with getting F15 edition to fuduntu? Most of the activity occurs in fuduntu on freenode, or at Fuduntu Forum.

Review: Installation and first Look: Fuduntu 2012.1

Fuduntu is now built from Fuduntu repositories, and we only pull from Fuduntu repositories by default. I’ll gladly blog it if you upload them, but I wouldn’t put the effort into it unless you really wanted too.

Independent forked from Fedora Origin: Fusion looked cool, but they don’t do anything. Based on Fedora 14, Fuduntu I may test this out for sake of performance comparison.

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