The kernel includes a version but if you want a more recent version install the module ipwmodules This gives you access to tools such as iwconfig for configuring your network interface, iwlist for scanning network in your laptop scope, iwevent … Since we are going to compile a kernel module, we also need to get the kernel headers, gcc See incompatibility with some Access Points described on this other page. To get the latest versions you need to separately install the ipw module and ieee stack. Dec 30th that prevents from linking to ieee modules using module-assistant.

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Here is the way to get it run and enjoy wireless connection.

See incompatibility with some Access Points described on this other page External links Official website. However, certain parts of the install process may not set up the wireless networking in a friendly manner using GNOME system tray icons and other tools.

Make sure you have installed debiab firmware! Firmware is required for device operation. If this procedure goes wrong, you may ruin your wireless card.

Debian — Package Contents Search Results —

This waste can be seen in powertop. Here are a number of ways debiian solve this problem: Privacy policy About ThinkWiki Terms of use.


Installation on Fedora Core 5 works out of the box provided you install the ipwfirmware package. The driver is in the portage tree: This page has been accessedtimes. The ipw driver has power management capabilities, which comes in handy while operating on battery. For example, this will allow all 14 channels perfect for those special occasions in international water:. Non-free firmware is required for debisn drivers, which can be provided by installing the firmware-ipw2x00 package.

Upw2200 one devian not supported by default at the time of writing on a linux computer. Installation Source Code Download the latest ieee stack and install it: Older ipw driver versions shipped by many distributions have been reported to freeze a T43 after several minutes of intensive communication.

There is a bug in the Debian package last checked: Debian Etch includes a version of the modules in its kernel or for a later version install package ipwmodules Alternatively, you can change the country code in the EEPROM once and for all, and then use the standard ipw driver. Fedora Mandriva Gentoo Debian Drivers.

This driver only works on 2. There are two ways to accomplish this:. You additionally need to download firmware manually. It is recommended to use the latest version. Download the ipa2200 ieee stack and install it:. Download the matching firmware and install it:. There are two ways to accomplish this: As the ipw does not include ieee subsystem, we have to compile the module, here comes module-assistant.


How-To IPW2200: Getting Intel Pro Wireless 2200 BG to work on debian/ubuntu

Installation via Debian Installer Both drivers are included for use by the Debian installation program Debian Installer and are also within the installed kernel image.

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You will have to download, extract and provide the firmware, as explained in section 6. First of debiian, you will need the wireless-tools packages, this package gives you the availaility to configure wireless interfaces under linux.

To enable reduced power consumption mode, issue: There are some very detailed instructions with working sample configurations on the following link: If the LED does not switch on automatically:

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