Must be not making them anymore. I feel ike Bushnell tricked me into thinking these things were not in stock because they were so darn good. Complicated as it is to master, I like the features and the build quality so I hope the map downloading function will be solved soon. The problem was when I tried to enter the longitude: They should simply disk the maps and sell the disks. Ken – April 12th, Wow. Greg Greg – April 12th, Thanks Greg.

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By the way Lowrancde customer support is also rediculous. Tyler – April 3rd, The unit works even indoors while my blue garmin etrex just sits there waiting for a satelite signal.

XM is offering off for new subs so I am contemplating it. Do you have a Paypal account? Marc – April 6th, Note that you must have selected photos or topos as a screen layer in your MAP options as described earlier on page 9 if you want to see it while navigating.

Bushnell ONIX 400 GPS Receives Innovations 2007 Design and Engineering Award

BTW, mine is a new, not refurbished, reconditioned or otherwise used item. Such a damn crying shame too. How are people who are out in the field supposed to make use of it, if they wind up going outside of their planned area?


Scott parsons – September 6th, Yeah, the files should have a. Is there a work around, other than not use the ddd mm. Would have done it last week but I had to be somewhere more important so I had to leave.

Bushnell ONIX 400 Handheld

Iam pleased with the ONIX Had Bushnell licensed even the cheapest and most incomplete base map from any other GPS manufacturer, it would have been better.

Has anyone else noticed this problem? Does it output data in a standard format?

XM weather seams pretty obviuos busbnell what about navigating too? When i got to the location turned on the GPS to start manual addition of way-points.

The problem was when I tried to enter the longitude: I need the battery to last a couple 4400 days worth of on and off use. This Web download system is a bit insulting from a consumer standpoint. Someone said that was a problem but MS deters you from back installing their browsers. Would like my money back!!! Rod Rod – January 4th, Real-time bushnll fronts roll across maps on this handheld GPS unit.

Your current selection is always highlighted.

I am very disapointed bushjell it at this point! I use the safe track mode and that will keep the batteries lasting up to 15 or so hrs. I got one from my friend — he bought it at Woot!.


Bushnell Onix With XM Now On Sale | SiriusBuzz

Using it for cross country is possible but you will need to download a boat load of maps. I dont believe it is absolutely necessary to download the maps, but i do find it very nice and helpful having them there. You further acknowledge that the structure, organization and code of the Software are valuable trade secrets of 040 and that the Software in source code form remains a valuable trade secret of Bushnell.

Got all the arial maps to download and work on the GPS couple of posts up. Tyler – April 3rd, does anybody have the accessory pack that they might be interested in selling? I have been unable to find one online. bushnel,

Connected the gps and downloaded them to the gps.

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