This is, what happens: But thought i’d share just incase. Yeah there is some definite problems with Mac OS X. Otherwise I could not understand why OSX reports everything to be perfectly fine. It even has a high-power port for charging devices like smartphones and tablets.

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It would not work for me either until I manually downloaded the drivers from http: Curious how well they work, and is the software good etc? mqc

The AOC eFwu portable msc is good-sized, reasonably priced and incredibly energy efficient. If is only You would probably want to keep the host computer plugged in, as I’m sure that the load of the monitor would reduce battery life significantly.

USB Monitor Display Link and Mac OS X

The new external monitor has a 3. The eFwu doesn’t seem to even get warm when it’s on, and is completely silent.

Helps me remember to keep my iPad charged too. If you happen to have an older Mac with low-power USB ports, you might need to plug both connectors into ports to get sufficient power for the monitor.


DisplayLink macOS Software

Anyway, trying to solve the solution another way, I installed a remote desktop service from “splashtop. Oct 25, 1: Functionality I’m quite impressed with the eFwu. Curious which OS version s have you all been using the drivers with?

But still, it’s a very bright display. That would be handy for gamers, day traders or anyone e16659fwu who might want three or four monitors attached to their Mac. Still, I have the same issue, so I doubt that it is really a power issue. The colour accuracy doesn’t bother me.

AOC eFwu Portable USB Monitor: A good match for your MacBook

S72 It would not work for me either until I manually downloaded the drivers from http: All the other edits etc happen on my desktop when I get back from a shoot. I plugged in the Monitor to the USB hub with the external power disconnected.

It’s perfect for giving presentations to a small group seated at a conference table, and it’s a great way to get additional screen real estate with any Mac. User profile for user: Nov 12, 8: To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.


Surface Studio 2 alc It would be perfect for consultants who need to occasionally plug a monitor into a headless server and even makes a great primary screen for an 11″ MacBook Air with its cover closed think about using a Twelve South BookArc and external keyboard Thu Jun 29, 7: These can be mostly eliminating by turning on “Reduce Transparency”, but there is still some oddness here and there.

Design For work with a laptop, the eFwu is perfect. Fri Jun 30, 3: I shoot theathered and need a feedback monitor for clients to see.

Installing DisplayLink drivers on a Mac – Plugable

Smearing, tearing inverse colors. Thu Jun 29, 8: You can get something in between but is is very awkward.

Read the amazon reviews and answers, there’s lots of useful info there. Aug 19, Posts:

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