No summary available for md-modules Avoid bogus timeout about SMbus check. No description available for linux-libc-dev in ubuntu jaunty. Fix Kconfig accroding to the new gpiolib symbols. Change the name of some webcam in the gspca doc. Remove old IDE driver”. New tlsup driver for toshiba laptops.

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ZyDAS ZD1211/ZD1211B and Atheros AR5007UG devices

Fix firmware load for case when digital capture. Fix size of shadow-array to avoid overflow.

Let dmfe handle davicom on non-sparc. Bad start of sonixj webcams since changeset ae7e8. Adjust some control limits in spca Disallow rediculious flowlabel option sizes.

No summary available for input-modules Retrieved from ” https: Eliminate a boatload of tertiaryAP-only code. Delete a large pile of now-unused code.

Update Wacom tablet driver to 1. Ignore HPA by default. This has the side effect. Prevent sparc64 from invoking irq handlers on offline CPUs.


I can’t see my wireless network in the list

Catch nonsense keycodes and silently ignore. Fix data corruption when splicing from sockets.

Auto-load cyclades module when device opened. Avoid possible NULL dereference in. Linuz uninitialised variable in VSX alignment code. Quiet “Kernel alive” messages. Consolidate wlan-ng into a single module. Same pixfmt as the sn9c driver and raw Bayer. PAC webcam a: Adjust SOF detection for pac73xx. Medion Akoya Mini E Add at76 driver to build.

Fix reference counter for remote ports. Assign seq when mac requests this. More controls for pac73xx and new webcam a: No summary available for fb-modules Rewrote most airteis the proc entry bits. Fix printk warnings in probe. Fix crash when path record fails after path flush. New driver for toshiba laptops. Make wlan-ng use WEXT mode by default. Add white balance control for spca rev A. Auto-load pcd module when device opened.

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