I have installed and removed the ndiswrapper driver using commandline and ndisgtk. Well, I tried Fedora 9 and had the same problem: PSK I have not compiled ndiswrapper from source. First, sorry for the time I was offline. Normal exit 1 job run Jan 16

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Marvell WLG-1101 Network Driver

So I’ve been reading the Troubleshooting Ndiswrapper http: I can’t believe how much of my life has been wasted trying to get this wifi card to work- mine was in the guise of a Linksys WPC54G Ver 5. Thanks for posting those drivers. Let me know how it goes. Fixed my issue as well. Found out that ndiswrapper has to be patched to compile with the 8.

Netgear WGv2 – WikiDevi

The sam results is given by the command dhclient wlan0 Thank you for all. Could you tell us how you did all the process to put up your marvell card?

Patched it, but needed to use -p0 instead of -p1: Thanks so much for your driver. I’m another head banger whose being trying to solve this problem for ages using the driver which works with windows. So, there’s go my lists ifconfig eth0 Link encap: No new secrets needed.


Cameo WLG-1101

Thanks a lot guys. I have an internal wireless PCI card from Linkskey. If so, does that work? I was so upset about the wireless not working and then i found this thread. I could really use some help here.

Are you using Ubuntu Intrepid bit? It seems connect, but I can’t surf into the web. Loopback Local inet end.: What a pleasant surprise! This is a dual-boot machine and the card works under Windows, and I used the same driver for ndiswrapper. First, sorry for the time I was offline.

If so, Mafvell also have a wireless card that uses the Libertas chipset, and it works great; you could give my driver a shot and see if it makes any difference. I feel like downloading 20 copies of those drivers posted in this thread and stashing them in various places. Ndiswrapper is installed, the driver is installed, and the card can see the available wireless networks.

Well, I tried Fedora 9 and had the same problem: I’m giving up for the night. Thank you for posting that driver caljohnsmith, another success story here. Any help in getting this thing to connect would be greatly appreciated.


Well, the compilation from source on 1. For anyone struggling with a Netgear WGv2 card with the Marvell chipset made in China – give the drivers a go that are posted marvepl this thread. More than one year after the solution of this little Marvell wi-fi problem, another head banger to thank warmly caljohnsmith http: However, it cannot connect.

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