In our stress test Prime 95 and FurMark run simultaneously , the processor reached 2. The laptop offers a Kensington Lock for physical security. Sadly, these are countered by high heat emissions. The respective mouse keys are quite large and placed right below the keyboard for quick access. The competition is fierce:

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As such, we can say that the two screens are of similar quality.

Review Lenovo ThinkPad L Notebook – Reviews

In the single-CPU benchmark, the full power of the 3. Memory operations per second. Both can be found on the rear of the laptop.

You can download and install your drivers by using either Free or Pro version of Driver Easy. Camera with face tracking functionality.

This should not be a problem while working at a desk or with the docking station. If the methods above cannot help you, the problem may be a hardware issue or something you cannot cope with on your own. The hard disk emits Once depleted, the battery requires minutes to recharge completely while the laptop is on. The volume is as good as the looks. Due lenvo the slightly tilted placementa lot of the potential is lost. These belong to the TrackPoint. If the resolution and graphics are raised to medium, the games are merely “playable”.


Desktop performance for Windows Aero. Lenovo has chosen to be environment-friendly by not including a printed manual.

Lenovo Touchpad Not Working [Solved] – Driver Easy

That is why we were really disappointed to see how poor the viewing angle stability is: The Lenovo ThinkPad L is a true office notebook.

The L is good outdoors. It nouse out of gas when programs which require high graphics performance are run. This is noticeable once the laptop is lifted. Nowadays, special features like fingerprint readers or the touchpad alternative, the TrackPoint a red button in the middle of the keyboardare standard features of the ThinkPad series.

All-in-all, the test model can get warm on the lap, but the temperatures on the top remain at comfortable levels.

The microphone records sound well, even from afar. Lenovo ThinkPad L, provided by: During the stress test, and while the laptop is idle, certain points on the case get quite warm. This manager offers a variety of profiles for all possible situations.


You need to update or reinstall your touchpad driver to fix problems of this kind.

Lenovo ThinkPad L430 Palmrest Touchpad Mouse 04Y2079

This would mouxe reduce boot and load times. The battery has a latch. These find their way onto the laptop quite easily, yet are hard to remove.

In either case, you should find an expert to solve the problem for you. The thick border around the monitor, the dark plastic and unadorned design could have all been taken from a year-old laptop.

In our benchmark table, many of the similarly equipped laptops place in the same area as our test model. Overall, the laptop has great workmanship. This flaw is primarily limited to the vertical viewing angles since sideways the picture remains stable over a wider angle.

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