There are probably more , but I ‘m no Unix expert. Are their generic multipath drivers for tape drives and library controllers over Fibre Channel? Top Contributors Last 30 Days. There has been no change to the adapter path or the associated device file which is used for the fcmsutil diagnostic tool. This addressing mode is required whenever more than 16 targets exist.

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About device drivers and files for persistent DSFs.

Find out Tachyon XL2 part number under HP-UX / |

You cannot use virtual fibre channel adapters to boot VMs from the. In contrast to a token passing protocol there is no limitation in how long a port can have control over the loop. A faulty device or a defect cable does no longer tear down the whole network. Retrieved from ” http: A chanmel to cascade FC switches.

TDUTIL – Fibre Channel Diagnostic Utility

HP-UX 11i v1, 11i v2, and 11i v3. The cable attenuation needs to be measured in all cases.


This hexadecimal value 10 bit is determined dynamically during initialization of the loop. My first help post that is. FC-interconnection of a node. Scalar ii80 found on grane grane [Normal] From: Enter the following command: It links to the fibfe old Tachyon Times website. This is a legacy product which should not be ordered anymore. If zoning is correct, you should see the WWN login to the array and be visible under Connectivity Tachhyon.

Device that is connected over fibre channel host, disk array, bridge, …. Now your documentation library is available and in-sync online or off direct from the EMC Cloud. List all fabric devices: Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

I know it is a shot in the dark but has chhannel configured an HP legacy system successfully to their array?

Trying to add it manually also fails.

DA TachyonRevision B. A high-speed, serial, bi-directional, topology independent, multi-protocol, highly scalable interconnection between computers, peripherals, and networks.

EMC Community Network – DECN: Issues connecting legacy HP server to CELERRA NS

Thank you for the response. So the in the port field is an indicator for PDA addressing.


All nodes in the loop can talk to each other but not to nodes outside of the loop. Top Contributors Last 30 Days. These so called soft addresses are used to address e. HP did only implement tacyhon switched P2P topology. In order to run public loop the device needs to be able handle 8 bit addresses within the private loop FC-AL and 24bit addresses when communicating over the switch.

Find out Tachyon XL2 part number under HP-UX 11.11 / 11.23

Which addessing mode to use when depends on the topology and the device. Fibre Channel driver has gone into non-participating mode. This can be done. AL is not a?

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