If they will not support that for the , that would be a major bad. Not satisfied with those reviews? I also wanted a card has very low latency which is actually the case. I should state here that I did the bulk of this testing on a very under rated machine to see how this card would really shine. Pc runs on XP to Live 5.

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Practically, everything that you hear on your computer can be recorded digitally by sonar and hence sampled, mangled, pitch-shifted and the like. I got into the ESI brand because I was one of the lucky 50 people on the old Cakewalk newsgroup remember those? Write a user review Ask for a user review. Sonar found the card without any problems at all.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. They’re probably the South Korean equivalent to M-Audio, though some of their stuff is even better and more affordable. I use Cubase SX, the latency is almost zero! For the price I will be recomending this card over several others I have recommended over the years. I’m not sure about other cards, but I have been told by Egosys that they do not intend to produce 64bit drivers for the Wamirack.


Pc runs on XP to Live 5. I chose this card because I needed entries amplified for my guitar and my future microphone to record the clarinet.

winy’s review – ESI WaveTerminal M – Audiofanzine

AZ’s era, so can be I have a WAveterminal M and it works great, never had any problems with the card or drivers. Log in Become a member. I’ve been using the M for over two waveterninal.

I’m glad a latency point of view quality sound driver problem but let me cruelly on my end in addition to the problem I’ve had in the beginning! It appears that the preamp is not quite enough but when quite usable.

Did you guys read the artical about Maudio copying ESI’s studio monitor? I found many uses for this neat little application, including sending a final mix straight to SoundForge or Wavelab without having to first export the mixdown.

Im not sure how may cards do this? So I started playing a little, a plug my guitar and when I left everything again crash. I use mainly fruity with vst vsti and sometimes very greedy moog, GRM tools or I can get a latency of 1ms if the song is not a 10ms overload if I work alone with full effect and VSTi.


This however was really a problem on my end. I’ve been using the Quatafire which is the firewire version with less analog inputs of the M and am really happy with it. I would recomend making sure you point to the exact folder you extract the drivers to though to insure a clean install.

So I expect a new version of impatiamment driver before wavterminal anything in the config: The third installation was good I also wanted a card has very low latency which is actually the case. Dynamaique ok but nothing special.

Waveterminal 192M

Did you find this review helpful? This however did not happen with the updated drivers. It appears that the preamp is not quite enough but when quite usable.

I noticed a while back that the forums just disappeared. The driver installation was smooth as any I have dealt with. To me the driver is far from perfect.

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