However, if you own a slower system, it would not be such a good idea to get this card, as you will not be able to bring out its full potential. With a rather imposing 16Mb of RAM onboard, and if your monitor can take it, by is possible. It’s not enough that a given graphics system support the resolution and colour depth you want. I would personally recommend a cooling fan to be installed if you intend to overclock it’s memory or chip. And we’re not talking low- depth flickervision, here; by can be yours in 32 bit colour and with an 85Hz refresh rate. And if you absolutely positively must have frame rate above all else, then Voodoo 2 Scan Line Interleave SLI , with two cards in the one machine, is for you, and nothing else will do. Matrox’s G has been much more seriously hogtied by terrible drivers ever since its release.

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This isn’t important for gamers, though, who have been buying plenty of Banshee cards for their near-Voodoo 2 3D performance and fast 2D. Refresh rates below about 72Hz cause visible flicker; higher rates don’t. Games with funkier engines that do fog mixing and similar tricks benefit more visually from 24 bit, but since going for 16 bit will let you run a higher resolution at the same speed, most gamers opt for fewer colours. There are still some of you who do not know that the current shipment is based on a.

What TNT means is that it has the ability to process data with 2 texel engine instead of just one.

Diamond Viper V550 NVIDIA Riva TNT Video Card 16mb VGA AGP

The resolution bonuses apply to games that don’t make use of 3D acceleration, too. In gaming, refresh rate is not so critical, because you’re generally not staring intently at relatively stationary objects in great fields of solid colour.


Adjusting diamohd “gamma” of an image or of an image acquisition device gives you a way of brightening or darkening without losing as much detail as a straight brightness adjustment. And if you absolutely positively must have frame rate above all else, then Voodoo 2 Scan Line Interleave SLI ciper, with two cards in the one machine, is for you, and nothing else will do.

Since the disc manual doesn’t actually contain any useful troubleshooting information, it wouldn’t help to have it on paper.

However there is a slight problem here because TNT does not seem to like Super-7 boards. Cramming a total of 7million transistors into the 0.

Diamond Viper V SDR Agp-grafikkarte | eBay

Installation of the card is a no-brainer. Super 7 motherboards offer all the features of Slot 1 motherboards, but with a socket instead of a slot. Overall Rating Out of a maximum of 5 Star. If it matters to you, check.


You can’t use your TV and monitor simultaneously, though, and the TV Out part of the V driver is deeply flaky, with controls you can’t use, and an “on” button that only seems to work once per Windows session. Along with the usual collection of game demos and low-powered graphics software, the V comes with Gremlin Interactive’s race game Motorhead.

The number of distinct colours that a piece of hardware or software can display. If you’ve got a fast CPU, the TNT chipset gives you very fast, very good-looking 3D, 2D far faster than anyone needs, and supports ludicrously high resolutions. You are reading about a product that is yet to be launch even in US.

The new drivers also support the extra 3D instructions in such processors as the AMD K and the Intel Pentium III; I don’t have such a processor to test, and initial reports of the actual results are unexciting. It requires only the BEST to work with. You can make Direct3D mode barely tolerable by turning off much of the pretty-stuff, cutting sound quality and using a lower resolution, but you might as well use software rendering. Definately on the top class level with Matrox G and the renowned Voodoo ddiamond in terms of image 550.


Hype doe s not always live up to it’s name. But you still want 75Hz or so, if you can get it.

Diamond Viper V550 graphics card

The box design is a notch above the former aircraft found on the Viper V No part of the above is to be reproduced, copied or modified without the permission of the WebMaster. That’s not a good thing, though. The basic unit of 3D textured graphics. idamond

A recent upgrade to a similarly overclocked Celeron A made only a very slight difference to Quake 2 framerates with the V card. This also means that playing games on ddiamond PC is rather a waste of the V’s abilities, even if you have a PAL version.

No matter how fast your processor, you’re not going to get much more than 35 frames per second on average out of a Voodoo 1 when you’re running games like Diaamond 2; the newer graphics chipsets are much better suited to modern CPUs.

Installation is similar to most Video cards. Telling a G screen shot from a TNT would require a considerable amount of thought and such a comparison would definitely be reserved for those with an eye for the smallest differences among images, for the rest of us, the TNT’s image quality can be considered to be virtually on-par with that of the G

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