The name or type of the browser rendering engine used by the browser. Developer Platform – restricted -. The total number of addressable pixels in the horizontal direction of a rectangular display when held in its default orientation. Screen Height – restricted -. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Geo Location. OS Windows Mobile – restricted -.

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Is Media Player – restricted. To what extent does the warranty cover me? The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Device Motion event.

OS Bada – restricted. Please try again or contact DeviceAtlas support. Where do you ship? The value is expressed in GB and the metric system is used for unit conversion e.

Most countries do not charge duty on the types of products we sell, but if they do its the responsibility of vinterion receiver to cover these costs.


JSR – restricted. The capacity of the device storage. This occurs when the stock is new in and not priced yet or is available to us.

Cinterion EGS3 Quad-band LGA module – LNA –

The diagonal dimension of the screen in inches. Size of a SIM card supported by a device.

The browser supports the video HTML tag. Device Browser Device information and properties. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Touch events.

Cinterion EGS3 solderable GPRS Class 12 wireless module and ActiveXperts SMS Component Software

The browser supports the canvas element. JS Query Selector – restricted.

Thank you for submitting the form. LTE Category – restricted. Explore our device data.

Cinterion EGS3 Quad-band LGA module

The browser supports CSS columns. The device is distributed with Windows Mobile pre-installed. Simply enter your Email address in the box below. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports the Query Selector. We offer a no argument return policy for the first month, after that give us a call and we will be sure to work something out for you.


CINTERION EGS3 full specifications

The Cinterino does not apply to displays that are not rectangular or square. OS Family – restricted. Click here to request photos of this part.

The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Application Cache. We know where all our stock has come from and this traceability protects you from counterfeit stock. JS XHR – restricted.

Fill out the form on our contact us page and we will get back to you.

Network Protocols CSD – restricted. Image PNG – restricted. The browser is Flash-Capable.

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