Still, I finally managed to find a configuration of traktor and I almost more problems. It was exactly two years ago and it still works. Otherwise, the law seems legeremnt flu, as if he had rust, and talking about rust, and Output Inpout legeremnts are rusty. No I have not tested everything, but some soft mix definitely seems to ignore the buttons and fader of the BCD – The general configuration is easy? Used more o less the rest of frquemment I and I do not recommend purchasing this Controller

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Ben is not too expensive, so should not complain too much, it was worth our money, but no more. I maile twice their customer service, which is supposed to respond in 24 hours, I Always expect the answers. Knowing what you know deeajy, would you make the same choice? Excellent stability for the BCD, and regularly updated. Pros An affordable all-in-one package.

Ah little precision, packaging, is lamentable, that sense lugging ca euros. Controlling the FX section using the four rotaries at the top centre of the unit works well and enables fast control of FX flourishes and fills. Our members also liked: I guess its due to the Mac’s hardware architecture. Directly connected to the PC first, on the amp on the other hand, without any other hardware. I have a laptop that has almost 2 years: At first glance, though, the only differences you’ll notice are a black and silver paint job and a ‘Traktor LE-enabled’ sticker: Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.


It works pretty smoothly when the deejwy is disabled. BCD with traktor, motivating the price!

Behringer B-Control DeeJay BCD review | MusicRadar

Yes but will not install controller on windows Write a user review. What is your opinion about the value for the price?

I never had this problem with the and a PC but I did disable the anti-virus when mixing. I payand for that price, there is the console and software. I use it for mixing in parties indoor and outdoor, lounge and deep house ambiance.

Have you experienced any incompatibilities? At the time not.

I think the behringre is Qualitprix trs good. For now, I did not make up days – What software do you use most often? Then I think shall replace the product, but the telephone did not like the seller. Yes, I think – Are they often updated? It was exactly two years ago and it still works.


Considering that I haven’t found a real competitor product on the market I would definitely choose this one again. No, but after that we found the right subject in the correct forum, deeiay gets better – The manual is clear and sufficient? It’s still okay for the price but it is really not a good product. Low, medium, treble adjustable by, Kill for everyone, we really feel like a DJ table hands.


Behrigner with all mainstream operating systems, it is less easy to configure the table on Linux Map integration and therefore precoute. This is the all-in-one controller Behringer should have released originally: What is your config? Brilliantly, Traktor also makes the unit actually sound better this time around because of the superior EQ and overall audio decoding.

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