People with higher responsiveness than others and lower assertiveness are people-oriented and sociable. Typically they have a go-get-it-done or whatever-it-takes personality. They enjoy socializing and talking. On the down side, their assertiveness may make them poor listeners and with a tendency to distract. Analytical, Driver, Amiable, and Expressive.

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Different personality types work and communicate in very different ways. Analyticals are orderly and organized. Everyday Advice for Managers and Leaders. Analyticals can be indecisive expresdive they over-analyze everything. They are great story tellers and often over commit themselves by attempting to please people.

Amiable The amiable personality type is a very patient and well-balanced individual. Low responsiveness A person with lower responsiveness is less likely to be empathetic as there is less emotional content in their reactions. Most people reading this blog post from HackerNews will fit with this personality type.

Development, reliability and validity. Being slower than the competitive high-assertives they tend to be more inquisitive and collaborative.

The Four Different Personality Types

They also tend to have that really dry but witty sense of humor. They are generally people-oriented, whether this is for purposes of company or altruism.


They will go out of their way not to upset people. Although every ammiable is different, most can be grouped into one of four groups: However, we do have one dominant personality style that we use day to day.

This results in a model that has four quadrants which identify four social styles. They read books about personality and broke down the content to me.

Often viewed as expresslve, direct and pragmatic. This can also lead them to be impractical and impatient. They are individuals who turn disaster into humor, they prevent dull moments, and they are very generous people. They seem to constantly be relaxed and desire a peaceful environment over anything else.

4 Personality Types that Leaders Should Learn to Recognize

After understanding the high-level personality types, you can triage people within 30 seconds and understand how to communicate with them easier. Each of these personality types exhibit general characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses and need to be managed and communicated with in subtly different ways.

There are two variables to identify any personality: Never miss a story from Constantly Learningwhen you sign up for Medium.


The Four Different Personality Types. Home Book Reviews Startups Talks. Disciplines Techniques Principles Explanations Theories. They set very high standards, so they have very high standards of performance personally and professionally. Notify me of new posts by email. People may have lower assertiveness for several reasons, for example a self-based fear of amixble criticism or perhaps an other-based fear, disliking the idea of embarrassing or distressing others.

With high assertiveness and low emotional response to others, Drivers are not so worried by how others react and are hence more amiabpe and candid.

Analytical people are less assertive and less responsive to others. Drivers are the dynamic and active personality type. Low assertiveness In low assertiveness, a person who wants something from another is likely to expresisve rather than demand or tell. They may have been taught when young that one should not push oneself forward.

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